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Winter Jam Report

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The Winter Jam Report! #12 & #13 (- compiled by Shannon Habas, Media Relations Director)Winter Jam comes to a close!Here is a recap of what God did! Friday, March 23rdHouston, TX / Toyota CenterAttendance: 7,598Decisions:  4,377 First Time: 1,094Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,620Thank you to the following radio station for supporting this show: KSBJ Saturday, March 24thSan Antonio, TX / AT&T CenterAttendance: 8,735Decisions: 4,400 First Time: 1,340Reset Gospel of John Books: 2,340Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: K-LOVE & Air 1 Sunday, March 25thDallas, TX / American Airlines CenterAttendance: 9,040Decisions: 3,164 First Time: 791Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,620Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: KTLY Monday, March 26thSpringfield, MO / JQH ArenaAttendance: 5,200Decisions: 1,092 First Time: 163Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,350Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: The Wind, 99HIT FM & Spirit FM Thursday, March 29thYpsilanti, MI / EMU Convocation CenterAttendance: 7,200Decisions: 1,974 First Time: 394Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,080Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: Smile FM, Family Life Radio and Yes FM  Friday, March 30thIndianapolis, IN / Conseco FieldhouseAttendance: 9,600Decisions: 2,702 First Time: 675Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,620Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show:  K-LOVE, Air 1, Spirit 95, WQME and Shine.FM Saturday, March 31stChampaign, IL / Assembly Hall Attendance: 11,000Decisions:  3,300 First Time: 594 Reset Gospel of John Books:  2,070Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: WBGL, Spirit 95 and WGGN Sunday, April 1stGrand Rapids, MI / Van Andel ArenaAttendance: 10,576Decisions:  2,625 First Time: 594Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,620Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: WaY FM and Smile FM Additional Ministry Notes from Weekend #12 & #13! (Courtesy of Nick Hall): If people want pictures and some more testimonies, I am trying to put a few up every night on my facebook page (http://www.nickhallpulse).  We also have many stories posted on our website ( WinterJam is in the books along with tens of thousands of names in the Book of Life!!!This weekend we experienced a number of powerful testimonies once again. The highlight for me was meeting a young lady, 4 weeks pregnant with a life of abuse and struggling with thoughts of abortion and suicide. God rocked her at Winter Jam and she came to know Jesus. I brought her backstage to meet and pray with some of the female artists. Kari, Dara and Blanca surrounded her in a beautiful time of discussion, tears and prayer. The ladies gave her some Christian music and a journal with all of their contact information. As I walked her back to the arena, she was a different person. She has since been messaging me with questions as she is diving into the Word!!Thanks for praying us through these 47 cities. God is moving and this is only the beginning of what we are going to see as we continue praying and spreading the hope of Jesus. It had been a pleasure to partner with you!!! Messages from Facebook & Twitter:Zackery -Nick, your word about our Savior Jesus Christ, sent me down a heavenly path, thanks for your word. ~Zack~Joshua – Saw you at Winter Jam San Antonio and just wanted to say you were truly a blessing to meMara – I saw you at Winter Jam…..listening to you talk was an inspiration, to say the least. I’ve gone to Winter Jam twice. And this year it really got to me. I’ve been going through a lot for the past few years since my best friend Matt died and my daughter’s father went to jail. And listening to you at Winter Jam actually got through to me. And I wanted to say thank you for helping me let God back into my life.Scott – Nick, I really was blessed by what you said on Friday night in Houston. I plan to start working through the reset website/book tonight. Thanks for all you have been doing!Lezlee- Hey Nick! I hope you are doing great! I am! I’m loving life and so much more. Anorexia is not gonna get me because I got Jesus well no one or anything can get me because I have Jesus 🙂 He is with me every step of the way. Anyway I was just sending this to see how you are and everyone else. I’m praying for you all and I just wanted to give a little update of how I am 🙂 Well I guess that’s all. God bless you, (Lezlee)Claire -Thanks for everything! I have really been feeling alone but then I realize I will never be alone because God will always be there for me and everything I do. I know I can go to him anytime I want and he will never ignore me! Everyday of my life I always wait for an answer from him on what should I do next. I want to know if I’m doing the right thing because you may get confused. Sometimes his voice is not clear and you can pray about it and have the faith to know what you’re doing is right if you just listen! I pray more often now than ever! Prayer is the key! (Claire)James-You gave some of the most inspiring and influential speeches I’ve heard in a very long time last night in Champaign. I also wanted to thank you for everything you do and have done to help everyone. I know you and my loving girlfriend have inspired me to be a better person and Christian. Emily -So happy to say that I stood up at Winter Jam in Indy last night and shouted JESUS as loud as I could! Thank you so much for your message, I will be praying for your ministry. Jessica -Twitter: My entire youth group stood up for God at Winter Jam. Thank you for stirring up the fire in my youth group and I.Anna – Hi, my name is Anna and I just wanted to thank you. Your words last night at Winter Jam touched me in a lot of ways and for the longest time I had felt stuck in this rut of feeling alone and losing mental battles but with what you said last night I was able to recommit myself and feel strong for the first time in a long time. So thanks again. That experience changed my life. -AnnaWinter Jam 2012 Final numbers553,244 Attended  158,208 responding 35,348 first time decisions 67,651 Gospel of John given out. “These are the days of revival and we need to keep going!”On Mission,Nick HallNick Hall  |  PULSE  |  612.927.3150  |  |  twitter  |  facebookWell, that’s a wrap! Until next year! Be blessed!- Shannon Habas

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