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What We Miss About Live Events, Concerts!

By June 16, 2020No Comments

Let’s be real. Live events – including Christian music concerts and events – were among the first industries shut down due to COVID19. In addition, we may be the last industry to come back at 100 percent! A booming start to the year came to an abrupt halt when every facility – from large venues to small churches – closed their doors in mid-March. More than 500 concerts nationwide that were on the books for large arenas and stadiums across the nation have been cancelled or postponed since the shut-down, according to a June 5 article in the SportsBusiness Journal, which analyzed hundreds of schedules and recent box office data from Pollstar.

Music industry artists, speakers and leaders took the clue. They started filling the gaps with live-streaming events, online concerts and virtual jam sessions. It was a great way for music makers to keep in touch with their audiences. We might even be bold enough to say the past few months have been a refreshing reprieve from the “hundred-mile-an-hour” pace music industry professionals live, but it hasn’t been the same. We are itching for live events again. Aren’t you?

Well, get ready. Right now artists, entertainers, managers and promoters are busy postponing and rescheduling as fast as we can, announcing new dates and making plans as government restrictions ease and people’s comfort levels return for in-person events.

As the largest promoter of faith and family events in the nation, we at Premier Productions want you to know one thing: WE MISS YOU!

Here’s a list of the top things we miss about LIVE EVENTS:

1. Planning ahead. We love brainstorming which artists and speakers will pair well together and complement each other in a live performance.

2. Routing tours. We love finding the right markets for the best experience in awesome locations and world-class venues.

3. Being social. We love talking about the artists, their latest songs and awards; and building the anticipation for a great show – online and in person! We love hearing the latest news from our artists and sharing it with you. We love seeing your comments and hearing what the messages mean to you.

4. Selling tickets We love giving attendees the best deals, whether it’s exclusive fan-only perks or early bird specials. We love seeing a tour sell out almost as much as the artists do! It’s exciting to know that the events we are promoting are appreciated and anticipated.

5. Serving you. We love answering your questions and being that real person link between the announcement of an event and the purchase of your ticket. 

6. Serving the artists. Whether it’s on the road or on the phone, we love working with some of the best artists and speakers in the Christian music industry. These folks are our brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as our clients and friends.

7. Traveling the road. Yes, believe it or not, there is an elite group of us who love being on the road – traveling to new places and working on the production part of the show.

8. Orchestrating the day. It’s an artform to see how all the pieces of a show come together on the day of the show! We have some of the best production crews in the world, who undertake a massive effort of unloading, setting up, testing, operating and taking down some of the most beautiful light and sound productions in the industry. They make it all look like a breeze.

9. Bringing the extras. We love selling the t-shirts, modeling the hottest garb, and watching the latest CDs fly off the merch tables. We love working with ministry-minded volunteers who help in so many ways to make the events seemless and complete.

10. SEEING YOU! Most of all, we miss seeing your smiling faces, getting a front row seat to your worship experiences and connecting with you as brothers and sisters in Christ.

There is nothing like a live Christian concert, conference, festival or event. We can wait to see you again. Can we get an “Amen?” We will see you soon!

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