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Pastor Chad Veach releases new book “Help, I Work With People”

By August 19, 2020No Comments

Chad Veach, best-selling author, globally-renowned faith figure, and distinguished pastor of Los Angeles’ fastest-growing young adult church (Zoe Church), released his latest book “Help! I Work With People: Getting Good at Leadership, Influence, and People Skills” on August 18, 2020.  

“This is the most excited I’ve been about a project,” says Veach. “I’m fueled by people and have always loved the subject of leadership and relationships. I’m motivated by trying to understand people, and I’ve learned that you can’t lead people you don’t know, and you can’t lead others until you first lead yourself. This was such a passion project.”

In “Help, I Work With People,” Veach redefines what modern leadership actually is at work, with friends, and at home. He boldly challenges the archaic prototype that you must be authoritarian, feared above respected, and work-obsessed.

Sharing his expertise, Veach provides readers with tangible evidence in learning that leadership isn’t exclusive to corner offices or having innovative ideas and high levels of productivity, and that becoming a great leader is just as much about prioritizing self-awareness and people skills, as production and performance.

With his signature transparent and relatable storytelling, Veach uses modern research and leadership principles to guide readers to lean into their true potential regardless of their level of influence or experience. In short and easily digestible chapters, “HELP! I Work With People” addresses the three phases of becoming a quality leader:

Learning to lead the hardest person you will ever be in charge of— yourself
Recognizing the power of becoming a “people person”
Creating a culture and environment where the team’s shared vision can grow

“Help, I Work With People,” features a forward written by New York Times best-selling author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell, as well as endorsements from the industrys leading business moguls like Ed Bastian (Delta Airlines), CEO, Kourtney Kardashian, DeVon Franklin, and more.


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