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Meet Tony Nolan, speaker for Winter Jam 2017!

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Winter Jam is more than great music. Every night on the tour evangelist Tony Nolan delivers a powerful message born out of his own experiences.

According to his website, he’s been called a reaper of souls, a harvest evangelist. He’s also been called authentic and down-to-earth; animated, funny, real. Most of all, he’s been called by God to preach the Gospel across the country.

Tony’s love for Jesus fuels his pursuit of those, who are far from God; and his greatest joy comes from pouring into people, who desperately need hope.

Tony is well-acquainted with the harshness of the human experience. But he has been rescued and redeemed by the astonishing intervention of Jesus Christ, and he now seeks out others in-need of healing.

“God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty; and the base things of the world and the things which are despised God has chosen.”
—Paul (1 Cor. 1:27-28)

Born to a woman, who was selling herself, to survive, Tony had an inauspicious start. After his mother was admitted to a psychiatric facility, Tony was placed with foster guardians, who repeatedly abused him.

When Tony was three years old, was adopted by a new family, for a fee of $200. He grew-up in a notoriously dangerous neighborhood, known as “Sin City,” in Jacksonville, Florida. His childhood was marred by poverty and continued abuse.

“You aren’t worth the $200, I paid for you.” Those words, hurled at Tony by his adoptive father, scarred him deeply. Like many, who have been traumatized at a young age, Tony turned to alcohol and drugs, to escape the intolerable pain and longing.

On February 24, 1989, when he was 24, Nolan woke-up from a failed-attempt at suicide.

Later that evening, he joined his stepbrother at a Bible study, where he heard the Good News of God’s great love through Jesus Christ. Tony placed his faith in Jesus, and his spirit awakened to new life.

God whispered powerfully in Tony’s heart, “Your dad said, he regretted spending $200 on you; but I have never regretted purchasing you with the priceless blood of my Son!” The truth of God’s mercy, grace, and love overtook Tony that dark night. God’s deep, abiding love continues to bring healing to his deepest wounds.( – credit

Invite your friends. Bring your youth group. You will not want to miss Tony Nolan share a message of hope and redemption!

Tony Nolan Live New 1080 from Tony Nolan on Vimeo.

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