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Mack Brock Offers Song of Encouragement

By March 24, 2020No Comments

Mack Brock recently wrote a little note to his subscribers, offering a few words of hope and encouragement:

Hi Fam,
It’s really hard not to feel those “doomsday vibes” this week right? 
I’ve definitely battled that anxiousness when I wake up and find myself checking the news first thing in the morning.It’s easy to feel like everything is spiraling… But I’m choosing to continue to speak God’s word during this challenging time. Making the choice to believe He’s with us – every day, walking through every situation. He still reigns on His throne. He’s still in control. I hope this song can help you remember just that.-Mack

“Still In Control” by Mack Brock. Click HERE to see the official lyric video

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