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Just Crowder Music – David Crowder Goes ‘Solo’

By October 1, 2012No Comments

With 724,692 friends (and counting) on the Crowder Music Facebook page, the question is: Can David Crowder truly ever be alone? Yet, the guru of deep thinking, who led the David Crowder Band – sometimes with an asterisks after Crowder, sometimes with a capital The in front of David, sometimes without either – is now touring on his own as just Crowder. He led the former band from its beginnings on the campus of Baylor University in 1995 until their last performance in January 2012. The band released nine albums and accumulated eight GMA Dove Awards, as well as an enormous fan base during their tenure.  David Crowder is still singing, writing and leading worship in lots of venues and events across the nation. His official website is under construction, but lists tour dates, Twitter, Facebook and links to events. He’s planning to be at Temple Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, MS on Nov. 14. For all the details, go to the concert event page:

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