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Jenn Ledger Shares Message Behind New Single, ‘Completely’

By March 8, 2019No Comments

– credit FreeCCM
“‘Completely’ is a very simple celebration of the most awesome thing in the entire world, the love of our God. I find it so mind-blowing that before the creation of the world He not only knew my name but He chose me and He loved me,” says Jenn Ledger of the band LEDGER. “He knew the mistakes I was going to make. He knew the ways I was going to let people down or even let myself down and none of it shocks Him. None of it makes Him turn away and His love stays strong just the same. There is nothing better and greater and sweeter than the love of our God and the fact that I can rest in that for the rest of life. It’s simple, but it’s profound and I think it’s absolutely worth celebrating.”

Watch LEDGER here:

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