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Help Choose the Opening Artist at KingsFest, SpiritSong!

By May 7, 2014No Comments

Everybody get in on the fun. Cast your vote in the SpiritSong and KingsFest Talent Competitions. You get to help us decide who will be the opening artist at these 3-day music festivals.There are about 50 artists who have entered each contest. Voting by the general public, friends and fans started Tuesday, May 6 and will continue through Tuesday, May 13.You may vote ONCE A DAY for your favorite artist. Listen to samples of their music, read their biographies, and even watch an optional music video.The Top 5 Finalists at the end of the Voting Period will be judged a panel of music industry professionals, who will choose the winner for each contest.The Top 5 for KingsFest after just 24 hours of voting – and more than 3,500 votes cast – are: Fritz Schindler, Brightwork, Port Harbour, Destination Worship Band and Zach Hardison Band.The Top 5 for SpiritSong after just 24 hours of voting by nearly 3,500 people are: TRYBE Band, Jimmy Dooley, Torn in Two, Zack Shelton and 64 to Grayson, and The Lasting Hope.For all the details and to cast your vote, go to the KingsFest or SpiritSong websites!

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