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Crowder Releases New Album, ‘I Know a Ghost’

By November 19, 2018No Comments

Crowder released his latest album, “I Know A Ghost,” over the weekend. It’s a full, 16-song album and it follows on the heels of American Prodigal and Neon Steeple albums. Get the music HERE!

“The thing is like, I don’t even know how to describe this album,” Crowder said. “It’s got some urban influence; them tracks are bumping. We(‘ve) still got banjos and fiddles, that kind of thing.”

He explains, “Here is why it’s called ‘I Know A Ghost.’ So we had ‘Neon Steeple.’ That was a big Meta Google maps zoom out. A story of God that talks about how we are walking with God and talking with our maker and then the rest of the story is about how we would get back in communion with our maker. And the prodigal story, that is the zoomed in, more individual personal journey, return into communion with our maker.

“And then, ‘I Know A Ghost’ is the after party. Okay, you’ve come back home. All of a sudden you’re at the household having a great time because you have come back. And it was at a party, a gathering, that Jesus said this is my blood spilled for you. This is my body given for you and I’m going to go away from you, but I’m going to leave something with you. My spirit. And that is who we have as our companion and our guide.

“The breath that breathed dust to life, to which we will return back into communion with our maker. This is it. This is the after party. Holy Spirit working and the tracks are banging,” Crowder continued. “You ready?”

Click HERE to listen.

Crowder just wrapped up the last weekend of Big Church Night Out. Catch him live in concert during MercyMe’s Spring 2019 tour. HERE are a few of the dates. Get all the info. on Crowder HERE.

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