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Celebrate Love, Life at Hillsong Nights!

By July 8, 2015No Comments

Get the new book “LIVE LOVE LEAD” by Brian Houston with every purchase of your Hillsong Nights ticket! The book is a free gift to each person who attends the upcoming Hillsong Nights Tour, featuring music by Hillsong Worship* and a message by Brian Houston, senior pastor of the 100,000 member global Hillsong Church in Australia. The book is slated for release on September 15 in the U.S., and is already available in Australia and Europe.

Considered by many as a leading voice in the shaping of contemporary leadership values and church culture, Houston is highly regarded for his bold innovation and passion for the local church and is a visionary when it comes to empowering the next generation of leaders with fresh Biblical teaching, relevant worship and accessible community.

His infectious love for people and his empowering brand of leadership are beamed to millions of people weekly through his program, Brian Houston @ Hillsong Television, and draws tens of thousands annually to Hillsong Conference in Sydney, London and New York City.  He is also the President of Hillsong International Leadership College and the Executive Producer of countless gold and platinum albums that have come from the Hillsong Worship team.

His latest book “LIVE LOVE LEAD,” a free gift to every Hillsong Nights attendee, focuses on Houston’s belief that “the best is yet to come.”

On the website, he states, “Did you know that your life has a unique roadmap, a purpose all its own, distinct and matchless to any other individual on planet earth? And that this path is ready for you to conquer – regardless of how far you are on life’s journey, how many mistakes you feel you’ve made, or roadblocks you have come up against. We are all born with God-given potential to leave our own imprint on the world around us.”

When Houston – Global Founder and Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church – set out to pioneer with 40 people and a school hall, he was unsure of the highs and lows, sacrifices and disappointments that would mark the 32-year journey of miraculous opportunities and dreams come true.

“LIVE LOVE LEAD” is his story, woven in to the greatest story ever told, with room for chapters all your own to be written and re-written. This book is a declaration to your future, a reminder that belief, passion and calling can give way to a full and abundant life, despite any mysteries, setbacks or mountains that get in the way.

When it comes to life with Jesus, there is no doubt – your best is yet to come!

For more details on Hillsong Nights, go to the Tour page to find a city near you! The event at Faith Community Church in West Covina, CA (Los Angeles area) on October 30 is already sold out.

*Hillsong Worship artists include Joel Houston, Reuben Morgan, Taya Smith, Jad Gilles, JD and more. Artist may vary city to city. The “LIVE LOVE LEAD” books will be distributed during a gifting time at each event.

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