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Blanca Shares her ‘Greater is He’ Story

By September 4, 2015No Comments

– from Blanca
In Fall of 2012, my mom was diagnosed with cancer at 50 years old. After losing my father to cancer in 2011, I couldn’t believe that we had to face this ugly disease again…I was devastated. My mom is my best friend and the glue that holds our family together. After many conversations, full of tears and heartache, there’s one talk that has stuck out to me the most. She said, “Don’t ever stop, munchkin. Don’t let this slow you down. Keep writing songs, keep singing for the Lord because it gives me strength and it brings me joy. God is going to get us through this.”
With my mom heavy on my heart, these words began to flow out; “Greater is He, living in me, than he who is in the world. Whatever may come, His strength is enough, so my heart is at peace, for greater is He!” The song was finished in 2 hours, but the impact it’s made on my family will last a lifetime. My mom is still on the road to being 100% cancer free, but she is stronger than ever. I know her prayer would be that every time this song is played, that peace, healing, and joy touch whoever is in need.

“Greater Is He” is featured on Blanca’s new, self-titled album. Download your copy or listen and share it with friends on Spotify! It’s also hitting Christian radio now, so be sure to tell your favorite station that you want to hear it!

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