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Winter Jam Continues Rocking – Week 5!

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The Winter Jam Report! #5 – from Shannon Habas, Media Relations Director We experienced another unbelievable Winter Jam weekend and I was able to be a part of one of the biggest Winter Jam nights in history in Greensboro on Saturday.I saw parts of the show that I had missed in Charlotte. Believe me when I say this, you can not miss Winter Jam this year! I saw some of Dara Maclean and I was really moved by her voice. I was walking through and when I heard her I had to stop and turn around to see who had that amazing voice. She stopped me dead in my tracks! I was also able to catch some of Group 1 Crew and really loved their high-energy dancing, costumes and light show! Building 429 put on a fantastic performance and Sanctus Real also really brought it to the stage! And I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you more about the Skillet’s production! They have brought Winter Jam to a whole new level with an outstanding show! They are truly pulling out all the stops and have raised the standard! Here is a recap of what God did! Please allow me to back up and make a correction to the information from last Sunday in Cleveland. I had mistakenly put down the wrong city and the wrong radio stations. Here is the corrected information for Cleveland: Sunday, Jan. 29thCleveland, OH / The Wolstein Center Attendance:  13,249Decisions: 4,050. First Time: 810  Reset Gospel of John Books: 900Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: The Fish, RadioU, WNPQ The Light and WGGN. Thursday, February 2ndEvansville, Indiana/Ford CenterAttendance: 8,549Decisions:  4,000. First Time: 800Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,000Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: Thy Word Network, KLOVE, Spirit 95, WIKY and The Vine. Friday, February 3Louisville, Kentucky/Freedom HallAttendance: 15,009Decisions: 2,850. First Time: 700Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,200Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show:  WJIE, WAY FM, Shine, Spirit 95, and Hoperadioonline. Saturday, February 4Greensboro, North Carolina/Greensboro ColiseumAttendance: 20,681Decisions:  11,200 and. First Time: 1,450Reset Books: 2,000Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: WBFJ, KLOVE, and Spirit FM.  Additional Ministry Notes from Weekend #5! (Courtesy of Nick Hall):STORIES / TESTIMONIES / QUOTESEach night, our PULSE team has stayed at our table until near closing as people line up to receive Gospels of John, prayer, or share their stories.  Here are a few testimonies from the weekend:If people want pictures and some more testimonies, I am trying to put a few up every night on my facebook page (http://www.nickhallpulse).  We also have many stories posted on our website ( – This 16 year old girl came up to me after Louisville and shared her story of pain and abuse, but that God had rescued her that night.  She said she had been burning herself and into cutting.  Her friends embraced her and we all prayed together, thanking God for freedom.  Later that night, she posted this on my wall, “Tonight marks the turning over of a new leaf. And I threw my lighter out. It is gone.” Timmy – This young man volunteered at our booth this weekend.  He is 12 and his dad just died in December.  We had an amazing time with him and he rededicated his life to Jesus.  He went into the concert periodically, but mostly just wanted to come back to our booth to hand out Gospels of John. Rachel – “So for the past two years I have constantly thought suicide was the answer to my problems, but tonight because of your message I am now thinking differently.” Nate – I met this professional cyclist in Louisville.  He just came home from racing in Europe and feels like God is calling him to leave racing behind to pursue full time ministry. Juliana – “I saw you speak last night (in Greensboro, NC) and I thought u were so amazing!!! My friend got saved last night because of u!! Olivia – “YOUR MESSAGE SAVED ME FEB 3 @ FREEDOM HALL IN LOUISVILLE KY’S WINTERJAM ♥” Meagan – “This is the best Winter Jam ever!” April – “I went to WinterJam in Indiana and then shared your talk w/ Sunday School. We made a pact to live in the light! No more part time Christians!” Brinna – “Your message was what my soul desperately needed tonight! God just knew…”“These are the days of revival and we need to keep going!”On Mission,Nick HallNick Hall  |  PULSE  |  612.927.3150  |  |  twitter  |  facebook Now I have to tell my own story! I had invited a friend, her husband and son to come to Greensboro for Winter Jam after spending last weekend with her at her grandfather’s funeral. She and I have been friends since childhood, and although we have not spoken in 14 years, the Lord brought us back together last week.  She reminded me that my dad had actually baptized her when she was 11 in 1981, but then in her 20s, after the loss of her baby, she was mad a God and stopped coming to church. When I went to visit with her during intermission she shared with me that her husband, a man in his 40’s, stood up and gave his life to the Lord as well as her seven-year-old son! Then she shared with me that she rededicated her life and that she and her husband were going to get baptized together! And who said Winter Jam was just for the teenagers?!  Needless to say, I was about to jump out of my skin excited! The Lord has ordained every step in this situation over the past two weeks as it took a series of events for it to register with me to invite her to Winter Jam. God knew all along. – Shannon Habas Here are her comments from Facebook: “Well I am up and my ear’s are still ringing. My Son, Nick, is wide open and talking my head off. I think I have a Jesus over load. Got up with music running though my head. We all had a blast at WinterJam. I got a tee Shirt and 3 CD’s. I think everyone should go next year. We will never forget this. Luv you Girl. This was the best thing I have ever seen in my life. I needed this too. My grandfather passed away a week ago and I was so lost and low. But after last night I am up lifted. I can feel my lord holding me and brushing my tears way. Thank you all at Premier Productions and Shannon Young Habas. God bless you all.” Winter Jam weekend #6, we will roll in to Augusta, Georgia, Greenville, South Carolina, Birmingham, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee!  Are you guys ready for us!? Let’s hear you guys raise the roof!  Web Site: Please send people to: for all the Winter Jam details! Follow us on Facebook: Be sure to update your status’ to talk about Winter Jam and share your local Winter Jam Event with your “friends”:!/winterjam To God be all the glory and praise!  – Shannon HabasMedia Relations DirectorPremier Productions

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