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Who’s Ready for the Awake Tour with Hillsong Worship?

By March 12, 2020No Comments

Watch The Making of Awake, a one hour documentary about the latest album from Hillsong Worship and get ready for the summertime tour that will sweep the nation from May 1 – June 26. Get all the dates and details HERE.

Follow Hillsong Worship member, singer and producer Brooke Ligertwood and the Hillsong Worship team as they craft their first-ever studio album, entitled ‘AWAKE’. See how they write, record and introduce these new songs to the church, as the team explores the heart behind not only the album, but their passion for worship, and for equipping the global church with music.

– Enjoy this blog by Brian and Bobbie Houston, founding pastors of Hillsong Church in Australia about the Awake album
“Whenever we talk personally about a new album coming from our church, we tend to say, ‘this is the latest offering from our house’. Neither of us are musically remarkable in any way, but to us it’s always way more than another music project. It represents the heart and soul of our church and a people who truly love the Lord and desire to bring what they know and perceive of His love and Song to others.

“This new offering had us at hello … or rather … it had us when we first laid eyes on the artwork.  Why? Because it represents the colours and hues and wonder of a God beyond our wildest imagination. We know these songs of worship will bless you. We know those who write them, we know those who craft them. They’re not perfect humans (because none of us are), but they are genuine — and like so many albums and songs of late resonating from our House, they represent the deep places and raw places of those who hunger and thirst and seek after Him.

We’re waxing lyrical (hey, maybe we are musical, after all #kidding) but we actually know you are going to love these. Play ’em loud, play ’em often and play them together. Let’s send anthems of praise into the atmosphere of this big old world we share.

We love you and pray you’ll know the goodness of God always.” Love —  Brian and Bobbie

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