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Urban Alternative Founder Tony Evans Gives 10 Ways to Love Your Neighbor

By March 30, 2020No Comments

– from Tony Evans, Urban Alternative
We are physically distancing, not social distancing. Stay connected to each other.

“Friends, we are living through unprecedented times, but remaining isolated doesn’t mean having to feel isolated. We are physically distancing, not social distancing. Stay connected to each other. Thankfully, this is all happening during an age when we are more connected than ever before, so let’s use that opportunity to continue to love our neighbors. Here are 10 ideas that can help you care for the people around you even when you’re stuck at home. 

[Tip 1] Call a friend – Just to hear the voice of a new person can be a great encouragement to someone. Keep the conversation positive, and laugh together. 

[Tip 2] Eat local – Many restaurants are still open for delivery, drive-thru and take-out. The family-owned restaurants around you are likely struggling right now, so do your part and order from these small businesses. You’ll be glad they made it through all of this when the world goes back to normal. 

[Tip 3] Meet with your small group – Get together with your small group or community group virtually. Tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger all offer group video calls where you can see each other’s smiling faces even from your own homes.

[Tip 4] Keep tithing – Many churches are continuing to produce recorded or live-streamed videos for Sunday morning services, children’s resources for doing church at home, and providing daily encouragement to their congregations. Remember that the church is not the building and even as we gather remotely, resources are required to keep the ministry moving forward. 

[Tip 5] Write a letter – We all get way too many emails, but how special is it to get something that someone hand-wrote in the mail? You can brighten someone’s day by kicking it old-school and penning a letter to someone. And don’t worry about your handwriting. It’s the thought that counts.

[Tip 6] Only post positive – Social media can be a dreadful place during times like these. Commit to posting the positive things that are happening, and encourage others to do the same. Rather than complain about being stuck at home, rejoice in the newfound time you have.

[Tip 7] Shop for someone – If you know of someone in your community who is elderly or is at high risk as it relates to this illness, offer to do some grocery shopping for them. Just be sure to get them to the person in a way that helps keep them isolated and safe.

[Tip 8] Pray together – Many people have used the excuse that they don’t have time to pray. Well, we all have the time now. Take a few minutes out of each day to pray for family, friends and your community. And if you like praying with other people, invite them to join you by phone or online.

[Tip 9] Encourage your family and neighbors – Kids can be especially sensitive to the moods and attitudes of the adults around them. While there is a lot of uncertainty today, we can mitigate that by speaking frankly with kids about what is going on, but also offering encouragement because God is still on His throne, and He will see us through this.

[Tip 10] Play together – The internet has given us innumerable opportunities to play and relax with people all around the world. Whether it’s through a video game, online chess or watching a movie with friends online, find ways to enjoy leisure time together when distance separates us.

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