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Unplanned Movie Helps Nearly 8,000 People Who Reach Out After Movie

By April 12, 2019No Comments

My Faith Votes is one of 16 partner agencies joining in the effort to promote the recently released movie UNPLANNED. The movie is the true story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Director, who saw something that changed her life. At the end of the movie, links to available resources are displayed and more than 7,700 people have taken advantage of these resources, according to Gov. Mike Huckabee of My Faith Votes.

On the Unplanned movie website, there are also resources for post-abortion healing, for those who worked in the industry, and for those want pregnancy options, in addition to links for advocacy agencies such as My Faith Votes, 40 Days for Life, Save the Storks, Live Action, March for Life, Focus on the Family and more.

The movie has faced opposition by mainstream media outlets who have refused to allow the producers to buy advertising, blocked the movie’s Twitter account for an hour, downgraded Twitter posts about the movie on opening weekend, as well as mischaraterizing the movie on Google searches as “propaganda” until people complained. This has since been changed on Google search to “drama.” Despite the opposition, the movie has brought in more than $12 million at the box office in the first two weeks and, more importantly, helped to educate people and change hearts and minds.

For more information or to find theaters near you, click HERE.

Here Abby speak about the movie during a recent event:

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