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Top 4 New Books to add to your reading list!

By September 11, 2020No Comments

Need something new to read? Here’s our list of the top 4 new books that are both encouraging and thought provoking for us as Christians! Check them out below!

# 1. Joyce Meyer: Do It Afraid

Don’t let fear stop you dead in your tracks—recognize, confront, and conquer it! Meyer will show you how the devil uses this favorite tool of his to disrupt your life. She’ll teach you to face your circumstances boldly, adjusting your mindset so as to live in the freedom of God’s children and move forward courageously. 

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# 2. Chad Veach: Help! I Work With People

We know leadership isn’t exclusive to corner offices and multimillion-dollar budgets–some of the best leaders are the mentors and technicians who are more comfortable behind the scenes. But what if being an effective leader isn’t just about having innovative ideas and high levels of productivity? What if becoming a great leader is more about prioritizing self-awareness and people skills than production and performance?

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# 3. Ryan Romeo: Head In The Clouds

When it comes to pursuing our dreams, Ryan Romeo is convinced of two things. First, God knows where you come from. He knows about your past. He knows about the seemingly impossible situation you may find yourself in. And yet, he is even more committed to seeing your dream come to life than you are.

The other thing Ryan has learned is this: Your daily habits bring about the reality of your calling. What you do today matters even when it doesn’t feel like it. Especially when it doesn’t feel like it. How you treat your current job, your current boss, and those around you matters. How you serve your leader’s vision or your church’s vision? That matters too. 

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# 4. Max Lucado: You Are Never Alone

You’re stronger than you think because God is nearer than you know! He’ll meet you wherever, whenever—in lonely waiting rooms, rehab centers, and convalescent homes. Into all of life’s messes and thorny thickets, he’ll come to you, without hesitation, to lift you up. Lucado demonstrates by walking you through John’s words and Christ’s miracles. 

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