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Thank you for praying for Mark Hall, Casting Crowns leader singer

By March 12, 2015No Comments

After his kidney surgery, Casting Crowns lead singer Mark Hall tweeted yesterday “Went good. I’m OK” and 1.5K people hit like, while 255 retweeted his post.

On the Casting Crowns official Facebook page, people were treated to some great updates, as well as a video clip from Mark before surgery More than 107,820 people liked the latest post and 6,050 shared it. Here’s that update:

“The day started off with the band and close family and friends praying with us at the hospital. There was a feeling of Christian fellowship and a peace. Laughs and hugs.

I’m sure you’ve seen his silly hospital videos. He has been in great spirits today. He worked late last night and was pretty tired and ready to go to sleep. He asked the anesthesiologist if could just sleep till it was time to go home. smile emoticon (She said no.)

Can’t believe it, but so far every hospital staff person I’ve met so far has said they’ve been praying for us already. We came here prepared to love on them but they have been loving on us.

Mark is out of surgery. Everything went really well. Doctor says textbook operation. Just like we prayed for. I told the doctor that he might possibly be the most prayed for Dr. on the planet today. He will be in recovery for a while. Thank you so much for your prayers.

to be continued. . .”

A few weeks ago, doctors found a mass in Mark Hall’s right kidney and were fairly certain that it was cancerous so they scheduled surgery to remove it. The recovery time will be about a month, and he has rescheduled a few of the Casting Crowns concerts during that time.

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