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Rend Collective Offers Joyous Reflection for St. Patricks Day

By March 18, 2020No Comments

March 17 – yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland and here in the U.S. but celebrations were not as joyous as they have been in years’ past, if there were celebrations at all!

Here’s a note from Irish band Rend Collective as they reflect on yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day:

“This is normally the moment where we say “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” and get all “River dance” …but I think we can all agree that this is a weird one. It might not be “happy” but it can be joyful. Our unchanging joy is in the unchanging heart of the God of St. Patrick, Jesus Christ.
We were so overwhelmed with the response to yesterday’s raw and real “socially distant worship club” that we wanted to celebrate today with another stripped down acoustic prayer. Last summer we went busking in the street by Temple Bar in Dublin. It turned out to be a powerful time (even though a wee boy came up after this and ask “Why would you want it to rain? Sure, it just got sunny!”) We hope you enjoy this stripped back version of our brand new song: ‘Rend the Heavens’ from our upcoming album ‘Choose To Worship’ out on March 27th. 
-Rend Co.

Watch Now

New song! ‘Rend the Heavens’

Official Live Video for “REND THE HEAVENS” by Rend Collective, busking on the streets of Dublin.

Socially Distant Worship Club
Also!!! Rend Collective’s next “Socially Distant Worship Club” meeting will be Friday (March 20th) at 4pm CT/ 9pm GMT on both Instagram and Facebook LIVE.
“Bring a cup of tea, gather a few friends and let’s worship together. Can’t wait to see you there!”

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