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Read Personal Note from Blanca – Winter Jam Pre-Jam Artist!

By February 5, 2015No Comments

What’s Up, Group 1 Crew Fam!

It’s Blanca here, and I just wanted to say thank you for all the support you have shown me throughout the years, in G1C and beyond. The last year has been full of change and transition for me! I now have a beautiful son, who definitely keeps me on my toes…and I have also stepped out of Group1Crew to pursue a solo career! It’s been so fun to watch the incredible things unfolding for Group1Crew in this new season! I’m loving the new music and I’m so proud of all that they’re doing!

As for me, I just released my first solo EP, Who I Am! I’m so excited to share this new music with you, and I can’t wait to release my full album soon. I’m currently on the Winter Jam Tour 2015, and I’d love to get the chance to connect with you while I’m on the road! You can keep up with me on, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram . Thanks so much for your constant encouragement! I’m blessed to begin this new journey with all of you!



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