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R.U.S.H. Offers Bring a Friend Deal!

By April 28, 2014No Comments

Since the humble beginnings of RUSH 10 years ago, the organizers have always been about motivating and equipping students to Reach their unchurched friends for Christ. At RUSH2014, they are offering you a tool to evangelize your lost, unchurched, or broken friend/family member by inviting them to ATTEND RUSH2014 FOR FREE! What is the lost really worth to us? To Jesus, the lost was worth everything…even a cruel death on a cross. They are challenging everyone who registers for RUSH2014 to bring a unchurched friend for FREE!Once you have registered for RUSH2014, and decide who you’re bringing, post “I am bringing a friend! #rush2014” to the @rushministries Facebook page. Bring that friend with you to check-in and it’s on us! Together, we can REACH THE WORLD! #iambringingafriendforFREE#reachingthelost

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