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Premier Foundation Joins Hurricane Dorian Relief Effort

By September 3, 2019No Comments

The Premier Foundation is deeply engaged with humanitarian organizations and the people living in the Bahamas.  The organization has stayed in daily contact with their ministry partners since Hurricane Dorian was projected to hit the islands.  The foundation is assessing the needs through their partners on the ground and will be assisting in relief efforts.  

Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas as a Category 5 hurricane on September 1 and stalled over the islands for 24 hours, causing massive damage especially to Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands. To date, it is reported that five lives have been lost, although that number is expected to rise exponentially.

Many people have already contacted the Premier Foundation regarding donations and inquiries as to how to help.  At this point, the most significant ways people can help are twofold, said Rebekah Gregory, vice president of operations for the Premier Foundation. “Pray for the people of the Bahamas and those engaged in the relief efforts; and donate to the Premier Foundation Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund. We will keep you posted as to how those gifts are being used to help the hurricane victims.”

The foundation is working with its partners to determine the most appropriate ways for volunteers and donors to assist. To donate, please see this link.

“Thank you for your prayers and your willingness to help our brothers and sisters through unimaginable circumstances,” Gregory said.

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