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National Radio Day is Today!

By August 20, 2020No Comments

Each year on August 20th, National Radio Day recognizes the great invention of the radio. Radio was once one of the most incredible technologies on Earth – used for navigation by the military, news distribution, and more. It made news, music and sports more accessible and brought us closer as a nation and a world. Although today we rely heavily on TV and internet, radio is still alive and well!

Did you know that according to information gathered by one of the top Nashville PR Firms, 71% of people surveyed listen to the radio in their car? And two-thirds of the people surveyed listen to the radio every single day. To celebrate National Radio Day, listen to your favorite radio station. Give special recognition to the station, radio personalities and the programs that make your days better. Use #NationalRadioDay to post on social media.

Christian radio has been instrumental in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ for decades! They play our favorite Christian songs, pray with us, and share the Gospel! Thank you to everyone in Christian radio for your commitment!

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