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Winter Jam

Louisiana News Media Interviews Comedian John Crist, Artist Jordan Feliz about Winter Jam

By February 22, 2018No Comments

– excerpted from The AdvocateFacets of Faith: Winter Jam lineup includes comedy, music
by Leila Pitchford-English

Since 1995, Winter Jam has become an annual tradition in Christian music, allowing fans to hear a wide variety of music for a cheap price.

At this year’s March 2 event at the UNO Lakefront Arena, stand-up comedy is joining the lineup with social media personality John Crist.

“As a comedian, I was a little apprehensive about coming on Winter Jam, a music tour. I had never been on Winter Jam before, and Winter Jam has never had a comedian before,” Crist said. “We were both, ‘Well, let’s give it a shot.’ They found me a good spot in the show, right before Kari Jobe, right before intermission.”

Crist said he has been thrilled with the reception and thinks the audience has enjoyed it.

“When the comedian comes out, it gives the crowd a little bit of a break from the music,” he said. “They can sit down for a little bit, laugh and enjoy the show. And they’re ready for the music once I finish.”

He also points out the price advantage of Winter Jam. If you saw all 10 acts individually, it could cost upward of $200. To see them all for $15 at Winter Jam “is an unbelievable deal,” Crist said.

The comedian has become a staple on social media, poking fun with short pieces that include “Church Parking Lot Road Rage,” “Church Hunters” and “Lady Who has a Bible Verse for Every Situation.”

And that’s because it’s familiar ground for Crist.

“I grew up in church; my dad’s a pastor. I’m from the South; I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. And I was homeschooled,” Crist said. “I’m talking about all the same things that every comedian is talking about, whether it’s dating or having roommates or traffic, eating fast food. I’m just talking about it from maybe a more family friendly perspective. The comedy you can enjoy with the kids, the grandparents, the whole family.”

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