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Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture Pens Book, ‘Brave Surrender’

By March 26, 2019No Comments

Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture has written a devotional based on her experiences. “Brave Surrender,” published by Zondervan, will be released the first week of April.

“Was there a time you ever felt alone, discouraged, and angry in a way that you felt there was no way out?” said Kim Walker-Smith. “Growing up, there were a lot of negative situations that happened, which told me, ‘Kim, you don’t deserve better; this will happen the rest of your life.’ My relationship with Jesus whent rhough its ups and downs, but soon enough those tough times weren’t so bad because I realized I had Him on my side.

“Whether you’ve expereince something like this, or if your discovering that your faith is waivering, give this book a chance,” she said. “I really believe there is something in it for anyone to learn and take away from. I cannot wait for you to check this out!”

Download a free sample of the book HERE!


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