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Kari Jobe Pens Songs About Personal Pain, Victory in Latest Album

By March 20, 2017No Comments

– credit CCM Magazine
In every way, Kari Jobe would say she’s never suffered more for her art than the songs that comprise her latest album, The Garden. Shortly after watching her sister give birth to a stillborn daughter, James Ivy, Kari celebrated the arrival of her own firstborn. The ensuing season of tragedy and triumph brought a myriad of questions as the family experienced the full spectrum of emotions.

In response to the loss, Kari says she pressed in to her songwriting sessions more than ever, determined to avoid trite phrases or cliché responses. The hard work paid off in a new set of songs that flow as a deeper stream than anything she has previously released. Jobe is proud of her work and grateful for the lessons learned, and she hopes these songs connect with fans that have experienced a traumatic loss of their own.

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