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Winter Jam

‘I Know A Ghost,’ Other Hits by Crowder Get Play at Winter Jam!

By February 6, 2020No Comments

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“I Know A Ghost,” the latest album from Christian artist David Crowder, won’t sound foreign to fans that have heard his first two solo albums, “Neon Steeple” and “American Prodigal.”

Like those predecessors, “I Know A Ghost” blends together seemingly incongruent musical elements – the modern rhythmic and sonic tones of hip-hop and EDM and the bluegrass/country touches provided by instruments such as banjo, fiddle, dobro and lap steel guitar – creating a folk-ish rootsy rock sound with a uniquely urban accent.

But the way Crowder wrote the songs on “I Know A Ghost” was starkly different from how he created the music, not just on his two previous solo albums, but the eight studio albums he recorded as frontman of the David Crowder Band from 1996 through 2012.


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