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Group1Crew Surprises Smartphone Users with new Fearless App!

By October 1, 2012No Comments

Dubbed “one of the most digitally innovative acts in all of Christian music” by, Group1Crew has partnered with a company called Q-ItUp to develop an exclusive app. Fans can scan the Fearless album cover and watch it come to “life!” The app holds exclusive content, a free download that isn’t available elsewhere, tour dates and preview of the entire album, including the No. 1 hit “He Said,” which features Chris August.Group1Crew and Chris August will be featured artists on the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular 2012 as they hit the West Coast this fall. Get all the details at or www.premierproductions.comReleased on 9/11, Fearless features a picture of the duo Blanca and Manwell walking unscathed as the city behind them lies charred and in ruins. It’s a picture of grace and peace in a turbulent time. It has great personal meaning for them, as well.The five-time Dove Award winning troupe, Group 1 Crew has been through a time of transition as the trio pared to two members when longtime member Pablo Villatoro decided to spend more time with his family. G1C’s Blanca has been mourning the recent death of her father and adjusting to married life, tying the knot with Ben Callahan in 2010. In addition, newlyweds Manwell and his wife Anjelah Johnson, a professional actress/comedienne, juggle a full touring schedule and separate travel commitments.“…I truly feel that all of the experiences and emotions from that period are captured in every track on Fearless,” Blanca says. “Whether it was marriage, loss, transition in our group or new beginnings, all of them had a part in this new album. God has shown me in this chapter of life that no matter what the journey may look like; He is there and will never leave me or forsake me. So as I continue on this journey of life, I’ll strive more and more each day to live Fearless.”

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