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Winter Jam

Crowder Offers Two-Part Interview with News4U for Winter Jam 2020!

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Year after year, Winter Jam brings together the biggest names in Christian music, drawing thousands of fans to arenas all across the Midwest and beyond. Featuring such incredibly diverse acts as headliner Crowder, international chart-toppers Hillsong Young & Free, hip hop artist Andy Mineo and the Dove Award-winning Building
249 as well as the founders of this hugely popular annual event, NewSong, the 2020 tour is absolutely packed with talent.

All that entertainment for just 15 bucks.
After fronting the David Crowder Band for over 15 years and peaking with 2012’s critically-acclaimed Give Us Rest (which reached number two on the Billboard charts), David Crowder went solo, debuting with Neon Steeple in 2014. A run of hit singles followed, including “I Am,” “Come As You Are,” “All My Hope” and “Let It Rain (Is There Anybody?),” the latter a collaboration with former American Idol contestant Mandisa off 2018’s I Know A Ghost. Simply known as Crowder these days, the Texas native continues to challenge his fans with a wide range of material that touches on rock, blues, gospel, soul and more. In short, you never know quite what you’re going to get when this gregarious multi-instrumentalist takes the stage.

Q&A with CROWDER:Q: You’ve toured with Winter Jam several times. What makes the festival so special for you?

A: “It’s so deep with people from many different genres and there’s no way you can walk away and go, ‘man, nobody played anything I like.’ This is probably my fourth or fi fth Winter Jam to be on and one of the best things is watching people that showed up and didn’t know anything about so-and-so and then so-and-so starts playing and you
can see them go, ‘that’s my favorite’ and then that’s their favorite band for life. Same on the other side – that artist that doesn’t have a wide platform. Suddenly they’re at Winter Jam with all these people in a room and then they’re playing this song and everybody’s lighting up and you can see them go, ‘oh my word, people are into this.’
It’s super fun to watch that transaction.”



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