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Winter Jam

Crowder Brings Collaboration to Music on Winter Jam Tour

By January 9, 2020No Comments

– by Jenelle Janci of LancasterOnline
David Crowder thinks of himself as an interior designer when it comes to music.

It’s a metaphor he formed in his most recent chapter of songwriting, which has marked his exploration of Atlanta’s hip-hop scene while still incorporating country rock elements such as guitars, banjos and the singer’s Southern drawl.

Before connecting with hip-hop producers and beatmakers, Crowder and his cohort began songwriting as so many musicians do: fiddling with an instrument until inspiration strikes.

With this genre exploration, that part’s already been done for Crowder. He’ll ask artists to make him a selection of beats, and then click through a folder of them on his computer until he finds one he likes. That’s the “room,” as he sees it. All of his additions, like the vocals and instrumentation, are how he “decorates” the sonic space.

“It was so inspiring,” Crowder says of the process. “I’m glad I followed this trail because it sure has, in one album, really changed my understanding of how to collaborate.”


Winter Jam Tour begins this week. For all the dates and details, click HERE

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