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12 Days of Christmas – Day 9 / 2 Chickens

By December 9, 2020No Comments

Sometimes miracles come with feathers. Chickens and their eggs are a beautiful gift of nutritious food for a hungry family. They are easy to breed–so your gift can grow and multiply to create income, share with neighbors, and ultimately make a better life for the whole village.

Your gift of chickens will also naturally multiply to impact generations of children. Each family that receives chickens can sell the offspring for extra income or share them with other families in need. Chicks require little money, space, or food to thrive and grow — making them an ideal business venture for a single mom or vulnerable family.

Chickens have been a blessing for Placeda Mesias and her children in the Philippines. “I am happy because there will be food,” says the mother of six, “like the eggs.”

Three of Placeda’s children were suffering from malnutrition before receiving the chickens. Now they are back to a healthy weight, thanks to the nutritious eggs.

In another village down the road, Nelsa Cayapas is also grateful for her donated chickens. “Thank you because it’s a big help, especially in the needs of my children, their schooling and their health,” says the mother of four. Nelsa has been able to sell chickens and eggs to her neighbors, using the income to buy rice, milk, sugar, and school supplies.

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